“Bellis Tulipa” Cross Front Dress

The 1st dress has been visualized, thanks to the help of model, Heather Goad. This will be a mix of textures & textiles, as well as print & embroidery. The cross front top is cotton fabric with a daisy & tulip print. The straps & belt are a red-orange cotton. The skirt is a purple, light cotton. I love the colors: purple, red, orange, yellow, green, & white. So far, it looks like a perfect marriage!

I’m still deciding on which embroidery design to use with this dress (daisies or tulips or leaves??? suggestions???), as well as where it should go on the dress. I was hoping to create an all embroidered collection, but for this dress, I may make an exception since it has a flower print already. I’ll post a photo of the next step, which is pinning the dress together. I’m hoping that once the dress is pinned, I can have a better idea where to embroider.

I’m so excited! I can’t wait for a day off of work so I can get started!

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