“Bellis Tulipa” Phase 1

Phase 1

The basic pattern for this dress has been cut & pinned together. After the 1st fitting, I’ll make the proper alterations, then sew the pieces together, including the all the trimmings (belt, zipper, straps, & ruffles). I’ve decided to use bra sliders to make the dress straps adjustable. It’ll be my 1st attempt at an adjustable strap! Eeek! But, it’ll be easier for me to stick with a single strap length, while also being adjustable for the wearer. Just a few more days & this dress will be ready for the photo shoot!

I have a few more ideas for adjustability: using stretch fabric for the bust area &/or elastic shirring on the back. These changes will give the dress a wider range in sizes, as well as be easier throw on. I’m sure once I’ve got the pattern down to a T, I can start experimenting with these ideas.

As always, I’m thankful for eHow-Tos/DIY videos for teaching me how to be a better designer, as well as giving me great ideas for future collections! It’s amazing how much I’ve learned on the web vs what I learned during my 1st year of college. It only proves that my ADHD requires learning at my own time & pace. But, to each his/her own! The adventure is within how you get there, but the accomplishment is arriving there!

Tips & Tricks:
Bra Sliders: KBJ Supply
Elastic Shirring: How to Create Elastic Shirrings

To view the original idea for this dress, go to “Bellis Tulipa” Cross Front Dress.

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