Embroidered Bell-bottoms

When I was younger, my mother passed these polyester, embroidered bell-bottoms down to me. She had one in blue & pink. I loved them & wore them with platform sneakers. I also dyed my hair according to which colored bell-bottoms I was wearing. My mother realized how much I loved them, so for Christmas, she surprised me with blue, black, brown, & green ones! She had contacted all her sisters & asked if they could dig through their old clothes to find their bell-bottoms to give to me. I was thrilled!

Unfortunately, as the years went on, the polyester began to deteriorate. I managed to save 2 blues & 1 pink one. When I finally reach my goal of $6k to purchase a new embroidery machine & software, I’ll be able to re-create these bell-bottoms & fill my closet!

Below is a video explaining how the embroidery software works:

I can’t wait to get started! Please visit the Donate page for more information about my fundraising goal!


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