“Asteraceae” Phase 1

Phase 1

The second dress is cut & pinned! The original design idea had to be changed, because I didn’t have enough fabric to complete the dress. Rachel (Flora model) chose the polka dot pattern & liked the colors of navy/orange, so I tried to find something in navy with polka dots. For the trimming, I’ll be adding a fuchsia colored belt & straps. This fabric is a little heavy, so I’m debating on whether to use a light cotton fabric for the skirt (in fuchsia or white). I’ll probably ask for Rachel’s opinion, since she was the inspiration for the dress.

This is my 1st time running out of pins! Previously, I would complete a dress before starting another one. But, right now, I’m so busy that I don’t have time to wait! I work 3 jobs (four, if you include dress-making), 7 days/week!!! My next “free time” is on Wednesday night. I’ll probably cut & pin another dress that night. Also, I’m hoping to have 2 of the models come for their fitting, so I can get those pins out! I guess, I’ll have to add more pins to my shopping list, along with fuchsia fabric & zippers!

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