Finding the Right Bra Size

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what my bra size is, cause I’ve been buying & trying out different bras/brands for years & still can’t find the perfect fit! A few years back, someone suggested that I go to Victoria Secret to get sized. I did & a nice woman helped measure me, picked out some bras, & helped me decide which ones fit right. After a few months of wearing those bras, I noticed that my boobs were popping out the top & the band felt like a corset, squeezing me in & stealing my breath!!! Since then, I’ve just been trying out different bra sizes & haven’t found a perfect fit.

Finally, I just searched online for a decent explanation to what a perfect bra fit would be & found this video:

I have to say, I never knew that the underwire had to sit under your armpit, nor did I know that the center of the front of the bra had to sit on your chest. Using these tips, I finally found my perfect bra! I figured, I had to share this video in case someone had a similar issue. Thank goodness for the internet!

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