Winter/Spring Projects

Thank you to all those who have shown interest in my ripple crochet skirts! I will be creating 20 pieces, then moving on to my next project: cross front dresses. If you’re interested in purchasing a ripple crocheted skirt in your size & favorite colors, please comment below with your waist size & favorite colors. Each skirt is one-of-a-kind & I will not make duplicates of the same color scheme.

For those who have questions about these skirts, here are a few facts:
◆ Waist size = actual length of the waist. Each skirt stretches about an inch, so there is room to squeeze into it if the waist size isn’t accurate.
◆ Length size = Typically above the knee or mini. I have a long torso, so 17″ stretches from my waist to above my knees. If you want your skirt to be mini (around 11″), please note it in the comments section.
◆ Skirts are made with 100% acrylic yarn. I have washed & dried acrylic yarn in the past with no problems.
◆ All skirts are machine washed to test durability & then immediately packaged to avoid cat dander/fur. I have a cat who likes to sleep on my lap while I crochet. To avoid any allergic reactions, I wash each item prior to mailing.
◆ I will crochet your preferred style & size (it usually takes me about a week or two), then post it on my Etsy page. I will not reserve any items unless you request a Custom Order ($20 deposit required). You are not obligated to purchase any item you have suggested for my next project, so feel free to suggest away!

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