Textured Newsboy Hat – Purple w/Pink Flower

This is where I’ll post my progress on this project, so keep checking this page for new pics!

Textured Newsboy Hat Purple

Pattern by Bubnut on Etsy.
Yarn by Lily Sugar’N Cream in Black Currant #01318 & Hot Pink #01740

Prep Time: 2
Hours Crocheting: 4
Skein of Yarn Used: 1.25
Cost of Materials: $7.30 (includes shipping)

DAY 1: Tonight, I’m working on an 18″ purple hat for a toddler. Since this pattern contained many chains I’ve never done before, I started off the project by doing research on terminology. I’m so grateful to those crocheters who posted YouTube videos, cause I’m a visual/vocal learner – I have a hard time comprehending instructions when in text, especially abbreviated text. What in the world is fpHdc or bpHdc? You want me to what?!?! Sexual harassment! I need an adult! Thanks to the crocheting YouTube community for making the learning process quick & easy for me!

Once I understood the process, I put my skein of yarn in a Ziploc bag. Yes, I said a Ziploc bag. I use the bags to protect the yarn from my older cat, Chia Pet, who enjoys sleeping on my lap while I crochet & from my kitten, Totoro, who enjoys chewing on the yarn until he shreds it. When I’m not working on the project, I put it all in the bag so no fur gets on it. It’s not always foolproof, but it’s the best method that has worked for me so far.

Well, I bagged the skein of yarn, printed out the pattern, then began the project. It took a couple of attempts to get the pattern right, but once I got the hang of it, time just flew by & crocheting went fluidly. I have some other projects to take care of, so this is good for one night. More to come tomorrow!

DAY 2: Finished the hat with little difficulty. I chose to create my own flower since the owner of the hat wanted only one instead of 3 layers. The hat is so cute! I wish I had someone to sport it for my pictures, but all I had was my oversize Ewok doll. 1 down, 2 more to go!

Textured Newsboy Hat Purple




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