♥ About

Hello! My name is Lily! A few years ago, I bought my first sewing machine – the Disney Princess Sewing Machine. Yes, it was a child’s toy, but it worked & I created a couple of patchwork quilts with it. A year later, I was confident enough in my sewing that I purchased my first Singer. I think I made one quilt with it, then the machine got lost in my closet for some time.

In 2006, after being disappointed in where the current fashion was heading, I decided I would make my own clothes. My favorite era of fashion is the 60s/70s. You can dress me up in Apron Dresses & Bell-bottoms any day! And, I certainly love those butterfly collars! I pulled out my dusty sewing machine & made my very first shirt, an apron top. I had never made clothes before, nor did I have a good understanding of sewing terms, but to my surprise, dress-making came naturally to me! I’m only an amateur with a few years experience (experimenting, really), but I have made & sold well constructed dresses during that time.

With the encouragement of friends & family, I decided to sell my designs online. I don’t know much about fashion except that I like what catches my eye & I hope that my clothes captures yours!