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Getting creative with Photoshop & hoping to bring ideas to life!

Embroidered Bell-bottoms

When I was younger, my mother passed these polyester, embroidered bell-bottoms down to me. She had one in blue & pink. I loved them & wore them with platform sneakers. I also dyed my hair according to which colored bell-bottoms I was wearing. My mother realized how much I loved […]

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Lola’s Creation

When I was a teenager, my mother passed this dress down to me, which was made for her by my lola (grandmother). It fit so perfectly back then, but now my bust & forearms are just too big. I kept the dress, in hopes that I would magically shrink back […]

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“Múm” Cross Front Dress

With the help of model, Malynda, we put together this dress. The concept for this design is to have a rich brown with golden accents – possibly gold embroidered flowers & a ruffled trim. We’ll see how it turns out! Beginning next week, I’ll be cutting out the patterns & […]

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“Mertensia” Cross Front Dress

I love the light & free colors of this dress. I’ll have to go to the fabric store to pick up some green for the straps & sash, but this dress is ready to be put together!

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“Asteraceae” Cross Front Dress

I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with this dress. I have very little left of the black/orange polka dot fabric, so it can only be a cross front top or accents on the dress. The fabrics I’m using for this collection are from scraps given […]

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“Bellis Tulipa” Cross Front Dress

The 1st dress has been visualized, thanks to the help of model, Heather Goad. This will be a mix of textures & textiles, as well as print & embroidery. The cross front top is cotton fabric with a daisy & tulip print. The straps & belt are a red-orange cotton. […]

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