Work in Progress

The website is slowly coming along, but the most important part is product!  Rachel & I have been working diligently to create new handmade items to post for sale.  In the meantime, you can check out items for sale on Etsy: Psychedelic Hamburger. For the past week, I’ve been back at crocheting!  I’m excited to […]


Our site is coming along, but if you can’t wait to purchase some handmade goodness, come out to Hovercraft & find our booth! Rachel will be there all day with gifts you can give for the Holidays!

Under Construction

Hello! LilyPut + Psychedelic Hamburger are coming together to create I Mostly Eat Chips! Here, you’ll be able shop handmade products, receive blog updates on work in progress, & more! Please excuse our mess as we continue to integrate & create!